Is this the new worst song ever made?

If you loved to hate "Friday" by Rebecca Black, you're in for a treat with the newest viral music video produced by the Ark Music Factory.

Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" is the latest bad lyric, over-produced video to hit the YouTube airwaves.

With lyrics like the below, it's hard to resist playing for your friends:

    I love Chinese food. You know that it’s true. I love fried rice, I love noodles, I love chow mein, chow m-m-m-mein.

The video portrays a young Alison Gold walking through a park, searching for something to eat, and she eventually ends up in a Chinese restaurant with a man in a panda suit. That man ends up being Patrice Wilson, who was responsible for the virality of Black's "Friday".

If you're not sold on loving this video yet, and sharing it among your favorite co-workers (Yes, it is safe for work, but perhaps embarrassing if you're caught listening to it), you can watch here .

In case you were wondering just how viral this might go, Rebecca Black's original video is up to more than 58,000,000 views.

So what do you think? Is this the worst song ever? Or just another cute music video made by an aspiring young girl? Leave a comment in the section below.

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