Meet the Mayor: Ramona Carr of New Richmond worries how 2015 power plant closure will affect village

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio - How well do you know the top man or woman in your community? Our Wednesday feature introduces you to the people charged with keeping Tri-State municipalities ticking.

Ramona Carr (born July 4, 1956): New Richmond

Elected: Nov. 2011

Population: 2,600

County: Clermont
Founded: 1814

Claim to fame: Home to Dr. John Rogers, who delivered President Ulysses S. Grant (and voted for him twice)

About the Mayor:

Ramona Carr was elected and served as a council member from 2000 to 2007. Voters first elected her mayor in November 2007 and re-elected her in November 2011 for second term. 

She is only the second female mayor in the history of New Richmond. A graduate of New Richmond High School, she and husband Denny live in the home where she grew up. They have two children, four grandchildren, and another grandchild due in early August. Prior to being elected to council, Mayor Carr was EMS Chief for nearly 14 years.

The salary for the New Richmond mayor is $3,000 per year, but Mayor Carr does not take a salary.

Q&A with the Mayor:

1. What is the single biggest issue facing New Richmond?

The closing of the Beckjord Power Station, scheduled to happen by 2015. This will be a loss of tax revenue for the village.

2. If someone were to visit New Richmond for the first time, what should they see and do?

In the summer, sit by the Ohio River and watch the boats going up and down the river. Enjoy a summer concert. Visit  for events planned for our bicentennial. One of the events is Ohio Chautauqua . (July 1-5, 2014). Visit The Ross Gowdy House, the home of Historic New Richmond.

You may also see Jacob the peacock who showed up in the village several years ago. Some call him the village mascot. He was given the name Jacob after the founder of the New Richmond, Jacob Light. Admire his beauty from a distance as he is a wild bird. He spends most of his time on Front Street.

3. What is your proudest accomplishment as mayor?

Working with council, administration and village employees to maintain high quality safety services and the village’s infrastructure.

4. What do you hope is different about New Richmond in ten years?

That residential growth will continue thanks to a high quality school district and due to the village’s utility services.

5. What are your political aspirations?

None. I enjoy serving the residents of the village of New Richmond.

6. I bet you didn’t know...

The local New Richmond Nine defeated the Cincinnati Reds twice. And, New Richmond used to be two towns: New Richmond and Susanna.

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