VIDEO: Man just yards from tornado talks to WCPO

Roughly 500 yards.

That’s how close a Cedarville man was to a tornado Wednesday as it ripped through the small town in northern southwest Ohio on Wednesday.

The tornado, now classified as an EF-3 , was coming straight for the property of Shawn Evans at between 136 and 165 mph. He stood in the path it was traveling and recorded the entire thing.

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By now, the video of Evans screaming at it to turn, cursing at it as it came straight for his home has been seen all across the country.

Thankfully for Evans, all it hit was his barn. But others in the community weren’t as lucky.

While no one was hurt by the tornado, several houses and structures were damaged if not destroyed in the meteorological event.

All day Thursday residents were out attempting to clean up.

An estimate on property damage hasn’t been reported.

You can watch the video in the media player above.

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