Cincinnati Reds unveil new cellphone charging service at Great American Ball Park

CINCINNATI -- The Cincinnati Reds are the first team in Major League Baseball to offer a service to help fans stay connected while at the stadium.

The Reds are teaming up with local company Plus Blue Solutions to offer mobile charges.

The devices can be rented for $10 per game and connect to a cellphone via a cord to charge it up to three times.

The company has been in business for about a year and got its start offering the chargers at the Western and Southern Open in August.

The company says portable chargers are especially important when people are at a big event like a Reds game.

"The top drainer of a battery is literally just searching for signal so as you're sitting in your seats, walking around Great American Ball Park, your phone is draining when you're not even using it because its constantly looking for that signal,” said Mike Bagby of Plus Blue Solutions.

The devices can be found at the Reds Connect Zone down the third base line on the main concourse.

The team also offers free charging stations, but you’ll have to stand and wait for your phone to power up.

Fans can try out the new service starting Friday as they start a big weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

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