Fall is peak season for hair loss

CINCINNATI -- Does it seem like you're losing more hair during the fall season? You might be right.

Research shows that the autumnal climatic conditions affect hair loss.

"You're losing some of the moisture in the climate and then also you're getting less vitamin D from the sun," said Annie Jones, a teaching cosmetologist at Aveda Fredric's Institute.

Now that the leaves are changing colors and shedding from trees, your hair is more likely to fall to the ground as well. August through November is peak season for hair loss mostly due to drier air and less sun to produce vitamin D, Jones says.

While some hair loss is normal, she says now is the time to watch out for what you'd consider "extra hair loss."

"Normal hair loss is about 40 to 100 strands a day. Anything beyond that you want to watch," she said.

But all hope is not lost. There are ways to cut down on your seasonal hair loss. Jones provided a few tips to get you through fall with a full head of hair.

1. Keep your hair clean. Use moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and avoid dry scalp.

2. Get those spit ends trimmed regularly

3. Use serums and protectant creams before blow drying and using hot flat irons.

4. Take daily vitamins, drink lots of water and eat balanced meals.

Verna Meadows at Acute Hair Salon says different hair types require different techniques. But the essential needs are all the same.

"I tell my clients that they don't need to use heat daily. That is very drying to the hair, " Meadows said.

While some people may want their hair color to mimic that vibrant look of fall, chemical treatments like coloring and perms should be professionally done. Meadows and Jones said doing it at home could lead to more of your hair ending up on the floor.

If you notice more hair loss than normal, you should see a hair care professional or get checked out by your doctor.

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