Enjoy today's low humidity

Heat slowly builds back for the holiday weekend

When it comes to summer weather, it doesn't get any better than this!

Afternoon highs only climb to the upper 70s today under mostly sunny skies. Today will be the coolest day of the week before heat and humidity start to build for the coming 4th of July weekend.

Speaking of the 4th of July, here's an early peek at what this day brings. Generally, the rain chance turns out in the minority (graphic below). But this year we are monitoring the potential for not only rain but heavy rain on the 4th. Of course, it's still days out and the forecast could certainly change.

4th of July Climatology: Precipitation

4th of July Climatology: Temperature

It will be another great night ahead. Morning lows on Thursday fall into the upper 50s to low 60s as this dry, pleasant weather holds on shortly. Highs creep up to the low 80s, still with low humidity for Thursday afternoon. However, Friday brings a change.

Rain chances increase during the day as a cold front moves into the Ohio Valley. Currently, it looks like rain starts toward the end of morning rush and continues into early Friday afternoon. Friday evening should be dry. We dry out for Saturday with mostly sunny skies. Sunday should be dry too. However, as it stands right now, there is a chance for rain on Monday.


This is a day we are already watching closely and as the models stand right now, we are seeing a rainy outlook on Monday. Both long range models are showing heavy showers across the Ohio Valley during the day, only tapering off to a 40% rain chance by the evening hours. I need to stress that this could change. So, check back as we follow an area of low pressure developing later this week. 


Sunny skies
Dry and low humidity
High: 79


Clear skies
Nice again
Low: 57


Mostly sunny
Humidity stays low again
High: 82


A few clouds
Low: 62

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