New pamphlet helps you assess landslide potential for your property

Is your property vulnerable to landslides?

CLIFTON, OHIO - The year was 1972, around midnight, on June 5 … the hill behind the Clifton South Apartments came sliding down, leaving a steep cliff, about thirty feet high where the parking lot once stood.

Professor Barry Maynard from the University of Cincinnati explains:

“When they built the apartment building they wanted a parking lot, so they brought in fill to level out the top of the hillside and that added weight and that reactivated an old landslide."

A steep hill with a top layer of soft shale makes for a dangerous combination, bringing an abundant amount of landslides due to development.

"Anytime you're close to the water or anytime you're on the edge of hill, you need to watch out," Maynard said

Now, there’s a new pamphlet called “Landslides and your property.” It can help you look for landslides in and around your property. It was put together by the University of Cincinnati and the Geological Surveys of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Duke Energy is supporting the project.

"It will have a description of the kinds of landslides that you can see in Cincinnati. You will have a description of tell tale signs to look for that you might have a landslide on your property," Maynard said.

The guide shows warning signs your property might be vulnerable to landslides, and what to do about it.

"For an individual homeowner, the best thing to do is look for signs of trouble, particularly along creeks. It's where it will show up first."

You can order the pamphlet from any of these locations:


Kentucky Geological Survey



Indiana Geological Survey



Ohio Division of Geological Survey



U.S. Geological Survey Hazards


Hillside Trust of Hamilton County



Northern Kentucky Planning Commission



American Society of Civil Engineers, Cincinnati, Ohio Section


The Natural Resources Conservation Service


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